Available Volunteering Positions

UI/Front-End Developer

Contact: rachna@gurukul-wa.org

Gurukul is seeking UI/React Front-End Developers who have expertise with developing web applications. You will be working as part of a team of PM, developers, SMEs to design, to develop New Gurukul System.
  1. Experience with the following front-end technologies
    • ReactJS and Redux
    • Fluent UI or any other UI frameworks
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • TypeScript and OOP
  2. Experience with Jest/Enzyme/React testing library a plus. Ability to write testable code and unit tests.
  3. Experience working with Git and GitHub.
  4. Good to have Azure or any cloud experience.

Volunteer commitments:
  1. Self-driven, strong commitment to work on assigned tasks atleast 5-8 hours per week.
  2. Commitment to contribute to team efforts, individual contributor & able to wear multiple hats.
  3. Good communication & leadership skills.


Contact: renu.grover@gurukul-wa.org

A Teacher (also known as “Gurukul Guru”) is a key role at Gurukul. You will make a positive impact on children by helping them learn Indian Languages thus keeping them connected with the Indian Heritage. A Language teacher will be provided with the lesson plans and other teaching materials by the Language Committee. You will use various instructional methods, technology, games, music to implement the lesson plans to foster the student’s understanding of Indian Languages development.
Excellent communication skills and should be self-motivated. Commitment to serve Gurukul for the full academic year. Prior teaching experience is not required. Comprehensive training will be provided to you by Gurukul. Time commitment requirement: 3 hours on Sunday and approx. 2 hours during the week for grading and preparations. Online Format: working Laptop with audio and video sharing capability is required. Training and all teaching materials will be provided.
In this role, you will create a positive and appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning while implementing lesson plans. Use immersion and interactive techniques to help kids learn faster. Encourage kids to speak in the respective language. Grade class work, homework, tests and assignments. Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development. Observe and evaluate students’ performance and provide constructive feedback to parents via parent-teacher conferences. Use various incentive programs to boost learning and drive kids towards goal accomplishments. Online Classroom format: Be a member of Gurukul Online Classroom on MSTeams and teach students via online medium and participate in breakout rooms using audio and video format engaging students one on one for the learning process using pre-prepared material and lesson plans provided by the curriculum committees.
1. Follow all Gurukul protocol and policies for the year.
2. Partner with 2 other teachers of your class to teach your subject and conduct breakout sessions for all 3 subjects.
3. Follow guidance provided by curriculum committees for lessons, grading and communicating.
4. Participate in training meetings.