Frequently Asked Questions


 Question: What events are held during the year? ‎(1)

Navratri / Diwali - Dance to Dandiya, Raas, Garba music. Activities and games for kids. Sweets and snacks provided.

Bazaar: An opportunity for children to shop in Indian style bazaar and learn some bargainign skills using the languages they are learning.

Annual Day: Children demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the year.

Picnic/Holi: Play Indian games, socialize and snacks. Play Holi with "gulal".


 Question : Do I have to volunteer to enroll my child in Gurukul? ‎(1)

Gurukul requires minimm of 15 hours of volunteer hours per child. This goal can be easily achieved by volunteering for Gurukul events etc. YOu are not required to volunteer every week.

​Gurukul is run by dedicated parent volunteers. Many of the parents volunteer to be teacher, committee members etc. in addtion to helping with various activities.

 Question : How do I add an email address to my student's class email list? ‎(1)

Teachers send out regular emails to a mailing list. All registered parents of each student are members of that mailing list. Please check your email ids on the family profile page.

Please visit Gurukul site

Click on the 'Class Site', it will prompt you for sign-in if not already signed-in.

In the Left navigation section, Please find link for 'Family Profile​'

Please follow the instructions on the Family Profile page to edit the information.

 Question : How many kids are in each class? ‎(1)

Class size varies depending on the level and age group. The number of kids can be between 12 and 22 per class. There are 3 teachers in each class to keep a very healthy ratio.

 Question : How much homework should I expect every week? ‎(1)

Gurukul students should expect an average of 30 minutes of homework every week. In order for the child to get the maximum benefit of attending Gurukul, we highly encourage that parents follow up to make sure homework is done regularly, and the child has adequate quality time available to do their homework.

 Question : Is the donation tax deductible? ‎(1)

​Yes. Full amount of donation is tax deductible as well as matchable.

Gurukul is not-for profit organization and is registered as 501 (c)(3) organization with IRS. You can use the registraion confrmation email as a receipt or get a receipt from Operations team (Mihir Gajjar) at Gurukul.

 Question : Microsoft Donation Matching: How to submit a Donation matching request to Microsoft ‎(1)

1. Go to http://give

2. Search for a Cause and enter "Gurukul"

3. Select Gurukul, WA and Click on "Request a Match"

4. Select "Cash" as donation type, donation amount, estimated match, donation date and confirm.

Amount: Enter $275 if you have one child or $500 for two children.

For time matching, select "Track Time" in step 3. Enter details and confirm

 Question : What are attendance requriements? ‎(1)

​70% attedance is requried for child to be promoted to next level.

India trip is not counted as absence as we consider it as cultural education. Do inform the class teachers about your India trip.

 Question : What is the common routine of the classes? ‎(1)

​For Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada Language classes:

     9:50 AM - Parents drop off kids in assembly area or classroom.

     10:00 AM – Assembly and Prayer. Then classes begin.

     12:15 PM – Classes end. Parents pick up kids from class room.

For Hindi Language Classes:

     10:45AM - Parents drop kids to Commons area

     11:00AM - Hindi Assembly and Prayer. Then teachers take children to classrooms.

     01:15PM - Hindi classes end. Parents pick up kids from classroom.

 Question : What is the timing for the classes? ‎(1)

Gujarati & Marathi & Kannada classes at Odle Middle School

     9:50 Am – 12:15 PM

Hindi classes at IHS

     10:45 AM – 1:15 PM

Note: Please see calendar for Gurukul holiday schedule.

 Question : When does the Gurukul session start and end? ‎(1)

​Gurukul session generally begins the second Sunday, after Labor Day, in September. The classes are conducted most every Sunday through May of the following year. Please view the calendar for more detailed schedule of classes.

 Question : Where are the Gurukul classes held? ‎(1)

Gujarati & Marathi & Kannada classes are held at Odle Middle School


Odle Middle school
502 143rd Ave NE,
Bellevue, WA 98007

Hindi classes are held at IHS


Interlake High School
16245 NE 24ths Street,
Bellevue, WA 98008

 Question : Who teaches the classes? ‎(1)

​Gurukul is run by dedicated parent volunteers. Many of the parents volunteer to be teacher


Question : Can I register during the first day of class? ‎(1)

No, registration is only allowed during registration period published on Gurukul website. All available spots are full by this time and hence there is no opportunity to register new kids.

Question : Can I register for "Language Only" or "Culture Only" class? ‎(1)

​No. Gurukul provides an integrated program of one language and culture. You can choose one language but culture is always part of the program.

Question : Can I register my child during the Gurukul session? ‎(1)

​No. We do not accept new children in middle of the session as it become very difficult for child to adjust to the class as well as it impacts the class which is already in progress.

Question : Can I register my child in two language? ‎(1)

We believe that teaching one language and culture is more than enough work for young children. It will be very confusing to teach two languages at the same time at such a young age.

Question : How can I get support and more information related to Registration? ‎(1)

​Please visit Gurukul Online Registration site for more information:
Please email to for questions.

Question : How can I register my child to attend Gurukul classes? ‎(1)

You can pre-register your child for Gurukul classes using our Online Registration System ( Pre-registration does not guarantee enrollment. It only places your child on the wait list for the next session. This will make sure that you are contacted when we do registration. Confirmed registration will depend on space availability and number of teaching volunteers.

Question : How do I view my child's evaluation report? ‎(1)

Please visit Gurukul site

Click on the 'Class Site', it will prompt you for sign-in if not already signed-in.

In the Student Information Section, click on the 'Go to Class Page'

Please scroll down to find a 'Evaluation Report' button, Please click on it.

Question : How old must my child be enroll in Gurukul? ‎(1)

The child must be 5 years old by August 31st, of the session year.

Question : How the returning students are enrolled? ‎(1)

Returning students are enrolled by logging in to Gurukul Registration site and editing the student profile and making appropriate changes. Follow the instructions on the site. Registration is complete after the donation is paid.

Question : Late Registration Fee ‎(1)

Gurukul will charge a late registration fee of $100 for any late registration requests in which we can accommodate. Additionally this will also be applied to existing registered students who has not completed the registration by end of the registration close date.

Question : My kid is waitlisted for next year, will he/she definitely get in? ‎(1)

  • Make sure you pre-register the kids for next year, if the current year registrations are closed.
  • We process the waitlists after we complete the registration of existing students and siblings, depending on the vacancy left at that time.
  • We will send the invitation for waitlisted students around April/May.
  • Registration is first come first serve when it opens.
  • We do NOT know how many spots will be open next year.

Question : Request for Class re-assignments ‎(1)

Gurukul class assignment is done based on student distribution according to age and gender.
Regarding the class change:
We do class changes on case by case basis.
The valid reasons could be:
Medical/ allergy conditions Teachers request/ recommendations Class size leveling (By Gurukul admin) We do not allow class change for:
My kid needs to be with his/ her friends My kid wants or does not want a particular teacher

Question : What are different Enrollment Status and how they progress? ‎(1)

Student Enrollment status will be processed as follows during the enrollment/re-enrollment process

1. 'Registration Pending' would mean that the information is received and the student is waitlisted. Returning students re-enrolling will be enrolled provided the donation is received by the due date per Gurukul's email.
2. 'Waiting Payment' would mean that the new student is enrolled and awaiting payment.
3. 'Waiting class assignment' would mean that the payment is received and is awaiting class assignment. Returning student who have paid will go directly to this status.
4. 'Registered' would mean that the student is enrolled, payment received and is assigned to a class. There will be a class number in the Class Room column.
5. 'Deactivated/Cancelled' When the parents request the child be dis-enrolled from Gurukul class.

Question : What is the cost structure for attending Gurukul? ‎(1)

Donation amount for 2017-18 has not been finalzied yet. It may change from the amount for 2016-2017 session.

The donation for the 2016-17 session is $275 per student for the whole year. The donation for each additional student from the same family is $225. Gurukul is run by parent volunteers. The donation covers the cost of renting the space, materials and events. Donation for the full year is taken during registration. Donation should be paid online during registration.

Question : What is the refund policy? ‎(1)

This is under discussion and this item will be updated when it is finalized.

Question : When does Gurukul Registration start? ‎(1)

Gurukul accepts pre-registration requests via Online Registration System in October.
Please note that Pre-registering your child will only place them on the wait list and does not guarantee admission. This enables us to notify you when Gurukul opens registration.
Gurukul generally holds an official registration event between March and May. We will publish the registration dates on the website and communicate the information to all who pre-registered in our Online System.

Question : Will I get confirmation email back? ‎(1)

No. You could login and check the status of the student. Gurukul Administration will send email for meetings and for next action required with the due date.

Category:Teacher's Report(1)

Question : How do I get a class attendance, contact and allergy list? ‎(1)

All the teachers should be able to Sign-In at (​) and navigate to Teachers corner. On the top right there is a link "Student Reports". This will take you to a page where you can get latest student reports that include:
Student Attendance Student Parents Contact Student Allergies


Question : How can I help? ‎(1)

Volunteering Opportunities
You can volunteer in many ways to help run Gurukul. Here are some opportunities. Send mail to with your interest.
1. Hindi Teacher: Teaches Hindi language to a class.
2. Gujarati Teacher: Teaches Gujarati language to a class.
3. Marathi Teacher: Teaches Marathi language to a class.
4. Culture Teacher: Teaches cultural education to a class.
5. Events Committee: You can help with planning and execution of various events such as Diwali, Annual Day, Picnic/Holi and Summer Camp.
6. Cultural Committee: You can help develop and enrich Gurukul cultural syllabus and material.
7. Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi Committees: You can assist with revising the syllabus throughout the year by getting feedback from teachers and parents. You can also help figure out the best way to help our children with conversations. More detailed information will be available on Gurukul website soon.
8. Operations: You can help running daily Gurukul operations as well as taking care of supplies.
9. IT: Help automating various Gurukul processes, maintain and enhancement to the website and registration apps, etc.
10. HR: Help with volunteer recruitement, onboarding, recognition, training, surveys etc.

The details of the volunteering opportunities along with categories are available when you register your child and you should sign up for volunteering along with child registration. This helps us contact you for volunteering needs.