New Student Pre-Registration

Thank you for your interest in Gurukul. Please review the information below.

Registration of your child in Gurukul classes requires following these 3 steps:

  1. Pre-register your child
  2. Attend "New Parent Orientation" meeting
  3. Complete registration formalities and pay contribution

1. Pre-register your child

Pre-registration is the first step to express your intent to register your child in Gurukul classes. It does not guarantee your child's admission but places your child on a list for next year's admission. The Date and Time of pre-registration does not set the priority date of registration. When registration opens, all pre-registered children will have an equal opportunity to compete for the spots available in Gurukul classes. Gurukul will notify you of the "New Parent Orientation" date and other details via email.

Pre-registration information helps Gurukul plan various resources to register a maximum number of students and ensures:

2. Attend "New Parent Orientation" meeting ​

Gurukul holds an orientation session for all new parents to provide them with information about how Gurukul operates, the role of parent volunteers in running Gurukul, and the remaining process to complete registration. You will be notified of this meeting in advance using the email addresses provided in pre-registration. This meeting is generally held in Feb/March timeframe.​

3. Complete registration formalities and pay contribution

The total number of students admitted depends on following factors:​

Once we have all this information, we will open registration by notifying you via email to complete the registration around April/May in following order:​

Registration completes as soon as you make the payment and receive a confirmation email and will close when all the available spots are filled. ​

Important: Email is the only way of communication for registration so please provide us with an active email address which your family checks regularly. ​

Pre-registration is only for parents who are new to Gurukul. You do not need to pre-register currently enrolled students and their eligible siblings. You will be notified in the weekly newsletter about registration opening dates and process.

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